My Snoring Solution Chinstrap review

Nowadays, there are many stop snoring devices available. In the interests of finding out which of these are the most effective, I searched through reviews from people who have genuinely tried various devices in order to determine which products had the best overall satisfaction ratings. My Snoring Solution reviews were generally positive, and I was interested to find that scientific research appears to confirm its efficacy. Finding the right home remedies to stop snoring may be easier than you think!

How effective is it?

My Snoring Solution

Anti-snoring devices usually work on the principle of keeping airways open by advancing the jaw, hence the name “mandibular advancement device” or MAD. The majority of devices are mouth guards worn inside the mouth, but many people find this uncomfortable.

My Snoring Solution differs from these devices by using a comfortable chin strap to support the jaw in the correct position, thereby reducing snoring.

Research confirms that it works

A sleep study by personnel at the Saint Mary hospital confirms that the chin strap is effective in many cases. Researchers measure blood oxygen levels and blood pressure prior to and after sleep. During sleep, apnea (when breathing stops), hypopnea (very noisy snoring) and the number of snores were measured.

The results of this study were very promising. The test group showed reduction or complete elimination of apnea and hypopnea in the majority of subjects. Blood oxygen levels were higher than when the test subjects did not use the chin strap indicating that breathing had indeed been easier overnight.

Do reviews from My Snoring Solution users back this up?

One has to remember that absolutely nothing will ever work for absolutely everyone, so a few negative reviews are to be expected. However, the number of people who did not find the chin strap effective is surprisingly small when compared to write-ups on other anti-snoring devices.

On the whole, the results for My Snoring Solution appeared to be the best of all the anti-snoring devices we examined. In addition, some reviewers said that they had tried other devices without success before discovering this particular one.

Apart from commenting on a marked improvement in sleep quality and reduced or no snoring, comfort and affordability were rated highly. Could this be the best stop snoring device out there?

Why I like it

  • It’s affordable, simple and seems to be the top-rated choice.
  • Users commented on comfort, noting that there was no real sensation of constriction or pinching.
  • Reviewers preferred the concept of a chin strap, saying that mouth guards worn in the mouth interfered with their sleep.
  • The chin strap worked immediately, offering a simple solution.
  • It has been endorsed by doctors on a mainstream TV show dealing with medical matters.
  • Doctors report that after a time, the user may become accustomed to sleeping with the jaw in the correct position, making it possible to enjoy snore-free sleep even when the device is not worn.

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When compared to the many other devices we followed up on, My Snoring Solution fared extremely well, showing the highest approval rating from medical staff as well as ordinary people who wanted to stop or reduce snoring. If you are looking for an anti-snoring device, this could well be the best place to start. Hope you found this info useful!