LIST OF BEST natural snoring remedies

If you suffer from severe snoring, you (and your partner) would surely be very happy to find a cure. Snoring disturbs your sleep, that of your partner and can even result in sleep apnea, a condition in which the airways become too obstructed to allow breathing.

There is a controversial operation against snoring known as the ‘pillar procedure’ and many sleep apnea sufferers resort to using a CPAP machine to keep their airways open overnight. Obviously, neither of these are natural remedies for snoring. However, the following measure have been tried with varying degrees of success.

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Changing the sleep position

Some people find that they only snore when sleeping on their backs and by propping themselves into position with pillows are able to avoid falling into this position. However, many people report that they are unable to change their sleeping position.

Lose weight

If you are overweight, it is possible that you will snore less if you are able to lose some weight. The reason for this is a reduction in fat deposits in the neck that cause constriction of the airways. As natural remedies for snoring go, this is a fairly long-term remedy, and it is unlikely to offer a complete cure.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and big dinners

Unfortunately, this doesn’t usually work if you are a chronic snorer. If you are an occasional snorer, this strategy may work for you. If you snore heavily, it may help a little bit, but it will not make a significant difference overall.

Strengthen your neck

A stronger neck supports the head better during sleep and is believed to help in keeping the airways open, reducing snoring at night. Once again, this is not a cure, but may help to lessen the problem.

Keep regular sleeping hours

Having a specific time when you go to bed and when you rise will increase the quality of your sleep ensuring that you get better rest. Although some people report that having good sleeping habits reduces snoring, it does not eliminate the cause of snoring and so cannot be seen as a cure.


Not all the natural remedies for snoring are lifestyle-based. Doctors and those who snore report that certain anti-snoring devices can stop snoring altogether and can prove helpful to sleep apnea sufferers. Caution is advised in selecting a device – some are more effective than others. To find a good anti-snoring device, read our My Snoring Solution review or visit the official website here.

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