We are swarmed by a lot of anti-snoring devices that promises to put an end to our snoring problem. It is very hard to choose from all the different features and varying price points. So how do you pick the best anti-snoring mouthpiece to solve your snoring issue?

Firstly, you need to get to know the causes your snoring problem. Understanding the cause of your problem will help you decide on the best solution to it. Snoring is the sound from the vibration of the soft tissues in your mouth as you sleep. These soft tissues are usually tight when you are awake. However, they get too relaxed when we are sleeping that is why is has a tendency to collapse to the throat, then block the air passage. As we breathe, the blocking soft tissues vibrate resulting in the snoring sound that we hear.

Knowing the cause of the problem would lead us to a conclusion that clearing the obstruction on our air passage will prevent snoring. The best anti-snoring product that addresses the issue right at the source is snoring mouthpieces.

The snoring mouthpiece is expertly designed to keep the soft tissues in our mouth, such as the soft palate and tongue, secured to prevent it from causing any blockage of the airways. Problem solved, right? Well, you will be surprised that there are a lot of mouthpieces for snoring that you can choose from.

Now, let’s assume that all anti-snoring mouthpieces work. How will you decide which one to pick? In spite of the similarities, there is going to be one that will stand out for you. We listed some of the important factors that you need consider when you buy your mouthpiece.


As the old saying goes, “Safety first.” It should always be your mantra when you look for when you buy something that has an effect on your health. Regarding mouthpieces, safety means looking at the material used and the design of the device.

Check if the mouthpiece is made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastics to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that could be absorbed by your body. You also need to research about the stability of the device. You do not want a mouthpiece to break while you are sleeping. Or to swallow small parts from the gadget.

Passed Clinical and Regulatory Tests

It is important that the product you will use is FDA cleared. It will ensure that the product has passed the rigorous safety standards imposed by the government.

A clinical trial is also necessary because this is a way for the companies to study the efficacy and safety of the device before they sell it to the general public.


It will be torture to wear a device that works but leave you with more pain, to begin with. Snoring mouthpieces are expected to feel a bit sore after use during the first few weeks of use. However, the discomfort is also supposed to wane as you get used to the device. If you notice that the pain is getting more intense, it is time to stop using the device.

So, make sure that the instrument feels right when you wear it. It will be a useful feature if the device could be customized to your size. Most snoring mouthpieces have a boil-and-bite process to allow the users to adjust the fit of the tool on their mouth.

Another factor to comfort is the ease of use and cleaning the device. If it is too complicated to maintain and clean, you should try to find another method because you will most likely not use the device if it is too fussy.

Price Point

Do not get swayed to purchase cheaper mouthpieces. You have to factor in the useful life of the device when you calculate the price. What is a $100 device that you can use for a year compared to a mouthpiece that cost $40, but you need to replace every two months?

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